Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Re-thinking the device

I was just trying to re-think the handwashing bottle and wrote down its plus and minus points to see what I could do about it. Here is the list.



Easy to made and handle

The soap that is hanging gets wet at times

Cost effective (Rs..3-4/piece)

Easier to use if two people help each other out

Recycled materials

Doesn't have a cover , so cant be kept inside bags

Portable/Carry able

Exposed soap rubs against the bags and clothes

Easily replaceable parts

This is how the bottles I made with the kids looked

Here is a sketch I made to solve the problem of the soap being exposed. It is easy to make and cheap too. The soap can be stored in this pouch and if not soap strips, even a small sample piece of soap can be cut up and kept inside. It can even be attached to the cap using a piece of thread.

Get some cycle tube rubber and wash them up

Cut up a small 'H' shaped piece for the pouch

Stitch another small flap of rubber onto the top (to store the soap so that it doesn't get wet or touch the clothes and the bag it is stored in). Since it is rubber, it doesn't matter if the pouch itself gets wet while the children wash their hands.

Attach this pouch to the bottle using some glue or pins or just tie it to the back

It would be ideal to use a bottle that looks like this. With an open-able cap, so that the water doesn't drip on the way and in their bags. I am trying to find one so that I can make a workable neat prototype with that.

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