Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting point

All this started from me trying to figure out whether I am a social designer or not. I have always been interested in working in this space and have done a few small projects as well, but these three months are a chance for me to see how passionate I am about this. I wish to understand how effective art and design is in this space. Whether it actually makes any difference to people and their lives.This project involves a lot of haze and challenges which I am hoping to; if not sail past at least crawl past, nah!, I'll settle with run past, to come up with a good set of solutions.

The project time kick started on 6.07.'10 with us signing official documents to say that we are ready to begin. Suddenly it hit me, oh my god! The clock is ticking. Then I say to myself, "Calm down. This is something you want to do. Something you will enjoy. Go for it!" Looks like I have to tell myself this everyday. At least so that I produce something worthwhile.

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