Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Questionnaire for the visit

This was just a back up questionnaire as I didn't want to go there and be stuck for questions! I had to decide what I was going to ask the people I was going to meet. This was a start. Also something like this would help me compare the data between schools easily.

There are three groups of people I could interact with

1) Local people, parents and teachers who are part of the general village community and would know about the WATSAN conditions in that area and why it is the way it is

2) Children and students who are affected by it and are possible agents of change; through whom we can spread awareness to the entire community

3)Administration and people from the panchayat who are part of the decision making process

What do I want to ask them?

Category one

What are the water and sanitation conditions like in your village?

Have there been any rain water harvesting tanks built around here?

Do people maintain them or are they vandalised?

Do you feel that you are part of maintaining this?

Do you have any children? Do they go to school?

How are the WATSAN conditions there? Are they taught about this in school?

Do you know about general health and sanitation rules? Do you follow them?

Boiling water before drinking, having a bath, washing your hands with soap, covering soiled areas with ash?

Do you feel that the space outside your house should also be as clean as the inside or no?

Would you work with your community if it would improve the WATSAN conditions in your village?

Where do you get drinking water from? Water to wash hands and clothes etc? – Water sources in the village

Category two

Is the water you drink and wash your hands with, clean?

Do you know why many people in your village fall sick?

How does water affect/feature in your life? Is it important?

Tell me a few words that you relate with water.

Did your grandparents or parents ever tell you stories to do with water and water bodies?

Do you know what rain water harvesting tanks are?

Are you taught health and sanitation in school, if so, do you follow it at home?

Do you wash your hands with soap before eating and after using the wash room? If not, why?

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