Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final products

Ok, so suddenly I realised that I have just a little over a month for submission! Hence I need to start working on my final products to that I can take it back to show it to the students and teachers to see if they find it useful (user testing).
My final outputs would be

- Refining and making a working hand washing bottle with soap- building an experience around it and documenting this for the manual/tool-kit
- A participatory film that the students have shot on what they learnt, liked and didn't about these workshops that I will be putting together and
- A tool-kit (manual) for facilitators which will contain all the knick knacks that can be put into a book, needed to facilitate similar participatory activities.

Need. Why this tool-kit?

A tool-kit manual that helps one facilitate participatory workshops, making it fun at the same time

. For teachers employed by the government for these rural schools: Even within this one school, there are two other classes who are very enthusiastic about these workshops but have no material and facilitators to conduct them. Even if there are teachers, they are not exposed to such participatory methods of working and are unaware. They are surprised to see students running around and having fun while learning. Hence this toolkit will enable them to understand what to do and why certain things might or might not work in a context such as this. Since these people belong to the local community, they will have a better understanding of the students and issues as well, making the activities and discussions more enriching.

. For any facilitator who wants to conduct awareness programmes and workshops in this area (like I did): Some background research and pointers would have definitely helped me structure my workshops in a much better way and I would have known what to expect and what not to. This will help people who from outside by giving them some background and pointers

. For people in NGOs like Arghyam and BIAF who are trying to run awareness programmes in the villages anyway: From my short stay in these villages, I have met many enthusiastic people with a passion for learning and teaching. Many people who are trying to spread awareness in their own little ways. They have many ideas but are unable to articulate it and also get the children and community involved. This might be a good ice-breaker. Working with the children using these simple art and design tools which I am going to include in this manual might help them conduct these sessions.

. For health clubs in schools and ‘learn and play’ programmes (a new initiative by the Govt.): Fluoride and water will and should be a part of the discussion in health clubs, which are going to become a mandatory part of school life for students according to the new government rule. This might be a good space to use such manuals, for the children to conduct workshops and activities for themselves and their peer.

. Can be appropriated for other contexts as well: These exercises revolve around water and fluoride, but it can be appropriated to different contexts. I will try and give pointers for that in the tool-kit.

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zenrainman said...

Great idea...and absolutely essential. Good luck for completing the project on time..