Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Namma Neeru

So finally, here is the edited video that I took forever to upload! Any feedback and comments are most welcome!

Namma Neeru (Our Water) from Aajwanthi on Vimeo.


Krupakar said...

Hi Aajwanthi

Great initiative, and an absorbing video. Find your work (on your blog) very creative in general.


1. The sub-titles, in attempting to keep pace with the energetic girls (:-)), is a bit too fast to read in places.

2. I felt sorry for the poor girls who had to put their bad teeth on display and were told bluntly by their companion that it looks ugly. Perhaps the point need not be made with such thoroughness.

Great job overall!


zenrainman said...

Great video, good work and the best part is the way that the children have acted and spoke..very, very naturally.
The rainwater tank in the school is complete, has rainwater and all children in Killarahalli have access to Fluoride free water. That is thanks to many like BIRD-K and the 3 musketeers from Boston who made it happen.
We'll seek ways of carrying this message to many more Fluoride affected villages.

Sannya said...

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